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How GIS Is Important To National Security

January 2 2021, 01:36 gis masters program - masters in gis

For thousands of years, societies have recognized the importance of geographic data as a means of tracking the unknown through maps. However, in the modern...

GIS and Its Integration With Cloud Computing

December 9 2020, 07:15

Cloud computing has been one of the dominant trends regarding accessing computing resources such as processing, storage and software. While some have considered...

Geographic Information Systems In Developing Countries

November 17 2020, 23:49

Geographic Information Science (GIS) has come a long way since its beginning in the 1960s. Modern uses of GIS technology include accident analysis, urban...

Using GIS As A Marketing Decision Support System

November 2 2020, 12:41

Location has always played an important role in marketing; however, the spatial component of marketing and advertising has grown even more critical in...

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